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* Between 2010 and 2015 I played mainly jazz gigs in northern Italy, but I didn't really keep track of these.
So, this list has been created after my first solo concert on June 11th 2015.

October - more Sulla Lingua gigs TBA soon
October 19th Sulla Lingua at Kunstraum Walchetrum (Zurich, CH)
October 18th Sulla Lingua  - TBA (Torino, IT)
October 12th Sulla Lingua at Nova Goriza Theatre (Nova Goriza, SI)
October 9th Sulla Lingua at Cafè Oto (London, UK)
October 7th UH festival (Budapest, HU)
September 15th TBA (Basel, CH)
July 7th "HOLD ME PLEASE" sculpture/performance premier at LOST festival (Parma,IT)
July 6th Duo with James Ginzburg at LOST Festival (Parma,IT)
June 3-7th residency at Labirinto Masone for LOST Festival
May 11th "Drawdown" vernissage - UNESCO city-to-city Media Arts Installation - at La Torre (Modena, IT)
April 13th site specific performance in the Swimming Pool Mincio, for Residenza 725 / Forgotten Architecture (Milan, IT)
March 7-10th residency with Re:membrane (trio w Ingar Zach and Etienne Nillesen) at La Torre (Modena, IT)
January 30th with James Ginzburg at Berghain x CTM festival (Berlin, DE) - release concert of Six & Forty-Six (Subtext Recordings)

December 31st  curator for Rober Henke 20232024 (Modena, IT)
December 6-10th curator for NODE festival (Modena, IT)
December (date TBC) City-To-City Unesco Media Arts Installation
Nov 8th-12th Curator For CHANGES, residency w Ellen Arkbro (Modena, IT)
Oct 29th-Nov 5th Residency at Spazio ZUT (Foligno, IT)

October 6th Romaeuropa festival (Roma, IT)
September 30th group exhibition BORDA (Lodi, IT)
July 14th and 15th Experimance festival (Saarbrücken, DE)
June 17th NUB (Pistoia, IT)
May 25th WNWH (Nantes, FR)
May 21st trio with Zach and Nillesen at Vestafor Festival  (Rosendal, NO)
May 19 workshop and concert at NMH with Ingar Zach and Etienne Nillesen (Oslo, NO)
May 6th NNOI (Berlin, DE)
May 6th collective exhibition LICHENI at Palazzo Fabroni, with Alberonero (Pistoia, IT)

May 5th T3 (Bratislava, SK)
April 23rd indica Festival duo with Orphy Robinson Indica Festival (Brescia, IT)

April 22nd Indica Festival (Brescia, IT)

December 10th curator for NODE, Staccato with Heith & Kristof Hahn
December 3rd curator for NODE, Staccato with Simone Beneventi & Julian Sartorius
December 1st Phonetics Festival, trio with Berangere Maximin & Lula Pena (Paris, FR)
November 18th curator for NODE, Staccato with Grand River & Aleksandra Slyz
November 15th Les 6 Toits (Geneve, CH)
November 2-6th curator for Lucy Railton's residency at Centro Musica (Modena, IT)
October 22nd curator for NODE, Staccato with Marina Herlop & Myriam Bleau
October 6th Robot festival with James Ginzburg (Bologna, IT)
September 30th  MiDi (Bergamo, IT)
September 16th Sulla Lingua - Biko (Milano, IT)
September 15th Sulla Lingua - Frida nel Parco (Bologna, IT)
September 14th Sulla Lingua - Cave12 (Geneve, CH)
September 10th Phonetics Festival concert with Maximin & Pena (Lisbon, PT)
August 28th - Sept 8th residency with Berangere Maximin & Lula Pena at Phonetics Festival (Lisbon, PT)
August 27th Installation for Lisboa Soa at Roman Theatre (Lisbon, PT)
August 18th Festival Le Bruit de la Musique (FR)
August 16th Festival Colline Geotermiche (Montalbano, IT)
July 24th Sulla Lingua - Sonoscopia (Porto, PT)
July 23rd Sulla Lingua - OSSO, EIRA #7 Edition (Caldas da Rainha, PT)
July 22nd Sulla Lingua - Jazz ao Centro Clube (Coimbra, PT)
July 21st Appleton festival (Lisbon, PT)
July 16th Valkhof festival for Extrapool (Njimegen, NL)
July 15th NNOI Festival (Berlin, DE)
June 26th - WORM (Rotterdam, NL)
June 23rd - MUPA Festival (Beja, PT)
June 16-17-18th installation at LOST festival (Parma, IT)
May 26th-29th Athens Digital Art Festival - ADAF (Athens, EL)
May 22-23-24th residency + concert with le grand k - Teatro Basilica (Roma, IT)
March 18-19th residency + concert at NUB with ensemble & Philip Corner (Pistoia, IT)
February 10-11-12th residency + concert with Renato Grieco & Giulio Tosti (Roma, IT)

December 7th-10th Curator for NODE festival (Modena, IT)
December 1st-5th Curator for residency with Stephen O'Malley and François Bonnet at Centro Musica (Modena, IT)
November 18th Curator for NODE festival w Asuna 100 Keyboards (Modena, IT)
October 30th Curator for NODE festival vernissage w FujiIIIIIIIIIIIta and Amoshpère (Modena, IT)
October 13th-17th - Unsound Festival (Krakow, PL)
October 9th - Outer festival (Castelfranco Emilia, IT)
October 1st - Sonica Festival (Ljubljana, SI)
September 25th OSA festival (Gdansk, PL)
September 20-24th - curator for the residency with Fennesz + Ozmotic at Centro Musica, Modena (IT)
September 18th - RUMUR | ISOLA (Valcamonica, IT)
September 4th - Skanu Mesz Festival (Riga, LV)
September 4th digital release on SUPERPANG
August 22nd duo with Cristina Rizzo at Elementi, Saline di Cervia (IT)
July 30th trio with Anthony Pateras and Stefano Pilia at  La Tenda, Modena (IT)
July 17th performance for Andrea Saltini's reading at Concentrico Festival, Carpi (IT)
July 10th Workshop Listening Player - Playing Listener at Sajeta Festival (Tolmin, SI)
July 8th solo at Sajeta Festival (Tolmin, SI)
July weekends,  sound installation "Playing Drums Without Playing" for Concentrico Festival, Carpi (IT)
June 21st SUPERPANG SPECIAL - Mix for NTS radio
June 19th - solo at Terraforma Simposio, Milano (IT)
June 14th-18th curator for Forme Composte residency (Ozmotic+ Fennesz), Cremona (IT)
January 27th Podcast for Tāda mūzika on Latvijas Radio 3 (Skanu Mezs Festival)

December 17th - Cataclisma Festival Podcast (NL-IT)
December 11th - interview on Digital in Berlin (DE)
Sept. 29th - Oct. 4th Curator at Anthony Pateras’s Residency - Syncope(s) (Modena, IT)
September 10th release party of Drummophone LP at CA.OS, Modena (IT)
September 6th solo at Centro d'Arte Change of Season (Padova, IT)
August 7th solo + Sho Shin Trio at Citadelic Festival (Ghent, BE)
June 21st solo at Palazzo Dei Musei + Enrico Malatesta playing Eliane Radigue's OCCAM OCEAN(Modena, IT)
May 15th solo video for Centro d'Arte - Musica da Camera, Padova (IT) 
May 6th solo video for SMOG - Brussels (BE)
May 29th/30th/31st at Zuma Festival (Milano)  CANCELED
March 22nd at Standards (Milano) CANCELED
March14th  solo at Les Yper Yper (Thessaloniki, EL) + kNN CANCELED
March 13th at TV Control Center (Athens, EL) + kNN CANCELED
March 11th Spettro (Brescia) CANCELED
February 22nd at NUB (Pistoia) + Thomas Ankersmith


December 7th solo ad DAS (Bologna, IT)

November 30th solo at Tempo Reale (Firenze, IT)
November 22nd solo at Klapfon (Basel, CH)
November 21st solo at Poésies en Mouvement (Geneve, CH)

November 15th w Anthony Pateras Pseudacusis at Musica Sanae  (Berlin, DE)

November 14th duo w Mike Majkowski at Ausland (Berlin, DE)

October 18th duo w FIS  at Pochen Salon (Chemnitz. DE)
September 27th w Anthony Pateras Pseudacusis at Sacrum Profanum (Krakow, PL)

September 18th - 22nd curating A. Bosetti’s residency  (Modena, IT)

September 14th Sho Shin Trio at JazzBlazzt at OZO land Festival (Hunsel, NL)

September 13th Sho Shin Trio at LOFT (Köln, DE)
September 12th Sho Shin Trio at Studio Loos (Den Haag, NL)
September 3-4-5th residency at La Torre with FIS (Modena, IT)
August 24th solo + workshop at Armonie Festival (Belluno, IT)

August 17th w Anthony Pateras Pseudacusis at MUSICA SANAE (Sokolowsko, PL)

July 23rd Fragile Orchestra - conduction at Castello (Spezzano, IT)
July 14th solo at Reasonanz Festival (Loreto, IT)

July 4th Homo, Homini, Lupus - performance at Inkonnection (Modena, IT)
May 9th in Milano at P.f.#40 kNN (Renato Grieco) / Riccardo La Foresta

May 8th in Bologna KNN (Renato Grieco) - Riccardo La Foresta | Ascolti verticali

May 5th solo at Klang (Roma, IT) w Renato Grieco

May 3rd w Anthony Pateras Pseudacusis at La Digestion (Napoli, IT)

April 18th solo for Extended Stage Conference - Bunker (Torino, IT) 

April 1 w Sho Shin trio at Hot Club (Ghent, BE)

March 31 w Sho Shin Trio at Sound In Motion Festival (Antwerpen, BE)

March 30 w Sho Shin Trio Plus Etage (Baarle Hertog, BE) 

March 12th duo w Renato Grieco at Spazio Materia (Prato, IT)  

March 2nd duo w John Butcher at Dobialab (Gorizia, IT)

March 1st duo w John Butcher at Centro d'Arte (Padova, IT)

February 23rd w Sho Shin Duo at Casa Pomposa (Rimini, IT)

February 14th solo at PATH Festival (Verona, IT)

February 9th solo at Zaratan - Arte Contemporânea (Lisbon, PT)

February 8th in Porto, at Sonoscopia Associacão (Porto, PT)

January 26th solo at CA.OS w Glauco Salvo (Modena, IT)


December 8th w Parola Bianca at Reggia di Venaria (Torino)

November 30th solo at WIM (Bern, CH)

November 29th duo w Sebastian Rotzler (Biel, CH)

October 25th-week  residency at Tempo Reale (Firenze, IT)

October 20th solo at Secret Public, Percussion Festival - Milano Musica (Milano, IT)

July 7th-8th recording session with Lorenzo Abattoir at ovestlab (Modena, IT)

June 30th w le grand K + Ingar Zach at Pausilypon (Napoli, IT)

June 11th week residency w The Verge Of Ruin at Standards (Milano, IT)

May 9th solo at Gistpodium #40 (Rotterdam, NL)

May  6th in duo with Chris Corsano at Area Sismica (Forlì, IT)

April 29th duo w Chris Corsano at Spazio Aereo (Mestre, IT)

April 26th solo at APO33 - Percussion Madness (Nantes, FR)

April 21st  pQuartet w N. Lê Quan, C.Emaille, M. Antalovà (Faux-La-Montagne, FR)

April 19th solo at Asile 404 (Marseille, FR)

April 18th solo at Tiascì (Paris, FR)

April 11th solo at ZAUND_tesseratto#03 in Macao (Milano, IT) 

April 8th solo at Hybrida Space (Tarcento, IT) 

April 7th solo at Setzkasten (Wien, AT)

April 6th  solo and ensemble at AU w Stefan Voglsinger and Paolo Gaiba Riva(Wien, AT)

April 5th  solo at interpenetration (Graz, AT)

March 17th solo at Librairie HumuS (Lausanne, CH)

March 16th solo at WIM (Zurich, CH)

March 15th solo at Klappfon (Basel, CH)

March 13th Solo at Das Institut (Zurich, CH)

March 4th percussion performance for Credoinunsolodio at Teatro Nero (Modena, IT)

February 15th solo at Noise Delivery #112 - Cafè Des Arts (Torino, IT)


November 30th Soundtracks w Massimo Pupillo, Stefano Pilia, Corrado Nuccini, Jacopo Battaglia (Ferrara, IT)

October 30th duo w Axel Dörner at Bæd (Modena, IT)

October 1st winner of Tu Expanded 35 prize at Centro Pecci (Prato, IT)

September 22nd solo at Tempo Reale, official presentation of the Drummophone (Firenze, IT)

September 10th trio w S. Di Benedetto and G. Stermieri at Fusiorari (Modena, IT)

September 15-18th  ACROMIE collective exhibition at minastudio (Modena, IT)

August 31st solo at Spektrum (Berlin, DE)

August 29th quartet w P. Roth, E. Gordoa and A. Pultz-Melbye at T-Berlin (Berlin , DE)

July 15th solo at Rigoli Musica Improvvisata (Pisa, IT)

June 16th duo w Luca Perciballi at Villa Sorra at Festival Della Fiaba 

June 15th Installation VERSO at Festival Della Fiaba (Modena, IT)

May 20th solo at  Kinodromo (bologna, IT)

May 16th duo w Luca Ventimiglia at Metricubi (Venezia, IT)

May 5th solo at MU05 (Cesena, IT) and duo w Toma Gouband

April 9th solo and trio  w les énervés at Riot Studio (Napoli, IT)

April 7-8th recording with les ènervès in Napoli

April 6th solo at B-Folk (Roma, IT)

April 5th solo at Bar Chupito (Perugia, IT)

March 29th solo and trio w Michel Doneda and Lê Quan Ninh at OM (Modena, IT)

March 5th solo at NODE festival - Zimoun Finissage (Modena, IT)

March 4th Kind of Mosh release concert Spm Ivan Illich (Bologna, IT) 

March 3rd Kind Of Mosh release concert at Loft350 (Modena, IT)

March 2nd Kind of Mosh release concert at Blue Noise (Reggio Emilia, IT)

February 4th solo at Miniteatrino James Bondanello (Bologna, IT)

February 3rd w Presend at Barazzo (Bologna, IT)

January 25th EJAD at Blue Noise (Reggio Emilia, IT)


December 17th solo at Filatoio (Modena, IT)

December 11th Casino di Terra at Freakout (Bologna, IT)

December 1st  trio w S. Di Benedetto and Pasquale Mirra at Decano (Modena, IT)

November 23rd EJAD at LabAQ16 (Reggio Emilia, IT)

November 19th 4et w. E. Marraffa, M. Lucatelli, F. Zenìcola at SPMII (Bologna, IT)

November 10th trio w C.Vignali and S. Di Benedetto at Decano (Modena, IT)

August 20th Casino di Terra at Montagnola (Bologna, IT)

August 7th THC w F. Martino and C.Vignali at Habanero (Modena, IT)

July 17th Fragile Orchestra/ conduction on Steve Reich’s music (Reggio Emilia, IT)

July 15th Trio con Nico Soffiato e Riccardo Marogna a Ca'sana (Padova, IT)

July 14th EJAD at Teatro Sociale Gualtieri (Reggio Emilia, IT)

June 17th w Stefano Battaglia Chronos at Festival della Fiaba (Modena, IT)

May 20th trio w E. Marraffa and P. Mirra at THC (Modena, IT)

February 24th solo at Čajka Teatro d'Avanguardia Popolare (Modena, IT)

February 12/13/14th Kind Of Mosh recording session at Bombanella (Modena, IT)

February 10th Kind Of Mosh at Spazio Aereo (Mestre, IT)

February 9th Kind Of Mosh Bar Maurizio, (Bologna, IT)

February 8th Kind Of Mosh at Blue Noise (Reggio Emilia, IT)

January 27th Was Cowbell at Dinamo (Reggio Emilia, IT)

January 22nd Trust Your Butcher at LabAQ16 (Reggi Emilia, IT)


December 3rd V.R. 5et at Rosso Vermiglio (Bellaria, IT)

November 28th ore 12:00  solo at Villa delle Maschere (Barberino, IT)

November 28th ore 19:00 w les ènervès at THC (Modena, IT)

November 27th w les ènervès  at labAq16 (Reggio Emilia, IT)

November 20th Ah.Hum at Blue Noise (Reggio Emilia, IT)

October 31st V.R. 5et at Stones Cafè (Vignola, IT)

September 19th solo at THC (Modena, IT)

June 25th V.R. 5et at Modena Jazz Festival

June 22nd trio w G. Stermieri and S. Di Benedetto at Decano (Modena, IT)

June 21st trio w R. Trapasso and M. Bonifati at Auditorium Paganini (Parma, IT)

June 18th Trio w D. Fregni and G. Zuppiroli at Modena Jazz Festival 

June 14th 4forswing at Irriver_enza (Reggio Emilia, IT)

June 11th first solo concert, at Festival della Fiaba (Modena, IT)

Past gigs with Sho Shin Duo (till 2018)

2018 May 12 + Amador/Ganga/Kalash @ City Art, Rotterdam (NL)

2018 March 29  + Pony Says @ White Noise, Stuttgart (DE)

2017 Oct 20 Porto delleArti, Bologna (IT)

2017 Oct 21 GRIDO Giulianova (IT)

2017 Oct 22 BFolk, Roma (IT) w Paul Roth

2017 May 12  WORM Piratebay, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

2017 May 11  Sup Impro, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2017 May 10  AtelierHaus 23, Hamburg, Germany

2017 May 9  Steve, Antwerp, Belgium

2017 May 8 De Audio Plant, Antwerp, Belgium

2017 May 6 OM Studio, Modena (IT)

Oct 18 2016 Angelica, Teatro San Leonardo, Bologna

May 19 2016 Krakow, Poland

May 18 2016 Macondo, Wroklaw, Poland

May 17 2016 LAS Poznan, Poland

May 16 2016 Centrala, Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland

May 15 2016  Pracht, Leipzig, Germany

May 14 2016 LaBettolab, Berlin, Germany

May 13 2016 AtelierHaus 23, Hamburg, Germany

May 12 2016 Bremen, Germany

May 11 2016 Niffo Galerie, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

May 10 2016 House Concert, Antwerp, Belgium

May 7 2016 Stromraum, Stuttgart, Germany

May 6 2016 Entrart, Zurich, Switzerland

May 5 2016 Sonnenstube Lugano, Switzerland

Jan 30 2016 Dobia Lab - Gorizia (IT) 

Feb 2 2016 “Senza Nome” - Bologna (IT)

Dec 14 2015 Microclima Vini & Vinili (Foligno, IT)

Dec 13 2015 The Art Music Foundation (Viterbo, IT)

Dec 12 2015 Knockover (Avellino, IT)

Dec 11 2015 Semmai Factory, Napoli, IT

Dec 10 2015 | B-Folk, Roma, IT

Dec 9 2015 Bar Chupito, Perugia, IT

Oct 29 2015 Ateneo degli Imperfetti, Venice, IT

Oct 30 2015 Noise Delivery Festival, Turin, IT

Sept 27th 2015 Cuba BlackBox, Münster, Germany

Sept 29th 2015 LABettolab, Berlin,  Germany

Oct 1st 2015 The Greenhouse, Berlin, Germany

Sept 25th 2015 WIM, Zurich, Switzerland

Sept 26th 2015 TrogloBatem Fest, Stuttgart, Germany

July 31th 2015 Ghirba, Reggio Emilia, Italy

July 19th 2015 Sile Jazz, Treviso, IT 

June 20th 2015 Festival della Fiaba (Modena Italy)

April 30th 2015 AQ16 - Reggio Emilia, Italy

April 24th 2015 Gregoire, Brussels, Belgium 

April17th  2015 Donau 115, Berlin, Germany 

April 16th 2015 TBerlin, Berlin, Germany  

Feb 15th 2015 Spazio Aereo, Venice, Italy 

March 6th 2015 Ghirba, Reggio Emilia, Italy

Jan 10th 2015 Officina delle Arti, Reggio Emilia, Italy

Jan 9th 2015 Recording Session, Bologna, Italy

Dec 14th 2014 Festival “Briciole” | Modena, Italy 

April 2014 Novemetis Festival, Modena, Italy

Feb 28 2014 Centro d’Arte, Padova, Italy 

July 2013 Centro Fotografia, Modena, Italy 


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