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Riccardo La Foresta  © Dead Meat

Riccardo La Foresta is a percussionist and sound artist from Modena whose research of the last few years reveals a variety of sound-related practices.

Since 2015 he’s dedicated to the development of the Drummophone, an aerophone instrument obtained from drums that creates acoustic drones, ancestral melodies and complex beats drastically distancing the instrument from traditional drumming, and questioning the role of the drum as a percussive instrument. 

At the same time, he creates site-specific performances, sound sculptures and installations without limiting his work to percussive-based approaches.

La Foresta intensely toured Europe playing experimental music, free jazz, composed music and presenting sound installations in festival such as: Unsound, CTM, Terraforma, Sonica, OSA, Skanu Mesz, Sacrum Profanum, LisboaSoa, LOST, Robot, AngelicA, Tempo Reale, La Digestion, Musica Sanae, Romaeuropa among others. 

La Foresta has been a Shape Platform artist of 2021 and also works as music curator in Modena for NODE festival in Modena and for an artistic residency program at La Torre.


"La Foresta has pushed percussion music back into the realm of speculative improvisation"

Philip Clark, The Wire

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